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Rival Knights Review – An explosive game for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Opponent Knights is another activity diversion from Gameloft for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. The amusement places you in the seat of a stallion, jousting your route through medieval knight after knight.

The quick paced amusement has huge amounts of gear redesigns and stallions to buy with your rewards and the 3d representation are fairly spot on. Diversion play helps me a bit to remember the racing recreations where you tap to change gears with a specific end goal to get speed. However with Rival Knights you have the chance to thump your rival on their keister toward the end of the race.

The diversion is accessible for 512mb gadgets and is a fabulous approach to relax.

Kicking butt medieval style

Simply a fast note before we get too far. Adversary Knights obliges an information association with play. I envision it aides minimize the storage room the amusement takes up (110mb) yet it would be pleasant to a disconnected from the net gaming mode accessible.

Opponent Knights Tutorial Screens

When everything burdens on the web, when you first dispatch Rival Knights, you will be taken through an excercise that covers amusement play as well as helps you set-up your character. You will partake in a preparation joust and start your trip to prevail over the terrains. When you’ve endured the excercises, when you dispatch Rival Knights you will discover a fundamental menu that has choices to view the online leaderboard, access the settings, take an interest in the week by week player versus player competitions and bounce into diversion play.

Opponent Knights Main Menus

Opponent Knights’ settings spread sound and music levels, dialect determination, notice settings and access to the player manual. Goodness, for the individuals who Facebook you can likewise interface with your Facebook account through the settings too.

All through the amusement, you will discover an arrangement of symbols scattered over the highest point of the screen. From left to right they include:

Email: Any in amusement messages, for example, occasion status can be gotten to here.

Social Seals: These blue seals are utilized as passage expenses as a part of the week by week occasions.

Regal Seals: These red seals are utilized as section charges as a part of the jousts in the diversion’s story line.

Alliance Banner: At the top focus of the screen is a shaded pennant speaking to which League you are at present contending in. You begin in the League of the Rose and work towards arriving at the League of the Dragon.

Coin Count: Coins are earned amid diversion play and used to purchase new apparatus or redesign your current stock.

Diamond Count: Gems are additionally earned amid diversion play and are utilized to purchase force ups before the begin of a joust.

While Social and Royal Seals serve as the cost of admission to jousts, they will naturally recharge after some time. On the off chance that you are so slanted, you can change over pearls into seals or ask your Facebook companions to credit you a couple. On the off chance that you require a help in coins, you can change over diamonds into coins. Don’t have enough diamonds, there are in-application chances to purchase pearls that thusly can be changed over to coins, used to get some store things and get force ups before matches.

Fast diversion…

There is by all accounts a becoming pattern with amusements to have an in-application cost to play the amusement. We’ve seen it in a few of the Disney Windows Phone recreations keeping in mind from the start I didn’t see this gimmick as a lot of a trouble, it can get irritating. Obliging a token to take part in amusement play does help you pace yourself however it truly sucks in case you’re contending in a best-of-three competition and just have two tokens. You have a tendency to lose all gaming energy while sitting tight the five minutes for a Royal Seal to recharge.

Presently again to the amusement…

A story of two amusements

Adversary Knights has two gaming modes. You have the week after week occasions that sets you against different players in a competition and the fundamental story line where you fight your route through the five groups.

The diversion store is just accessible in story line play however your rigging does extend into the occasions mode. The store has buy opportunities for head protectors, reinforcement, stallions, spears and symbols (your flag peaks). On the off chance that your financing is thin, you can simply redesign your current rigging (and stallion) to keep things focused.

Adversary Knights Events

Adversary determination in the occasions mode is straightforward. Simply pick an adversary off the player list and have at it. Adversary determination on the story line mode is laid out on a guide with your adversaries dynamically getting to be opened. Each one association has five champions that are a bit harder to beat than the lesser knights you confront in the middle of the champions. A few jousts are victor take all while some are the best two out of three styled matches.

Opponent Knights Story Line

Amusement mechanics are predictable all through Rival Knights notwithstanding which gaming mode you pick. You have three components that become possibly the most important factor – barrier, speed and force. Safeguard is controlled by your shield, speed by your steed and power through your spear. Toward the begin of each one joust, you can utilize your pearls to purchase helps for one of these three variables.

Adversary Knights

Jousts start with an III, II, I, GO! commencement that shows up at the highest point of the diversion screen. When you see ‘Go” show up you have to tap the screen to get your steed running. A meter will seem to the side of the screen with a bolt that will ascend the meter. At the point when the bolt achieves the green area, tap the screen. The length of you tap in the yellow or green areas of this meter, your steed will increment in velocity, which will decipher into more power.

The mechanics helps me to remember the racing recreations where you need to tap the screen at the privilege time to change gears.

Sooner or later in your run, the screen will move to permit you to go head to head against your adversary. The sweet spot for un-horsing your rival will be highlighted and your occupation is to position your spear tip in that spot. Simply tap and delay the screen to do so. The sooner you get your spear situated, the more power is exchanged and the better chances you’ll win.

Adversary Knights Store

Upon effect, Rival Knights moves to a moderate movement view with it is possible that you or your adversary being


Download game Rival knights for free

Adversary knights for Android is extremely mainstream and a huge number of gamers around the globe would be happy to get it without any installments. Furthermore we can help you! To download the amusement for nothing, we prescribe you to choose your telephone model, and afterward our framework will pick the most suitable apk records. Downloading is extremely basic: select the fancied record and click “download free Rival knights apk”, then select one of the ways you need to get the document. Simply a couple of simple steps and you are getting a charge out of full form of the diversion for tablet or telephone!

Diversion depiction: Rival knights

Have a feeling that a genuine knight of the Middle ages and overcome equals in competition in the amusement Rival knights.

Amusement characteristics:

5 different groups

Fights with different players

Practical amusement physical science

More than 120 stallions, lances and reinforcement

Colossal design


Amusement requests store downloading (85 Mb). Establishment of reserve comes just by its downloading from the amusement.

The amusement requires an Internet association


Rival Knights Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Rival Knights walkthrough guide for learners. We have separate aides for our own particular League gameplay match features and the complete rundown of rigging accessible in the gamne (accessible both for android and ios).

Each one match is focused around three different challenges: Defense, Speed and Power. The jouster who wins the most challenges wins the match.

Protection. Most elevated Defense wins the challenge. Protection originates from your rudder and armr

SPEED. The most extreme Speed is dictated by the steed itself, yet the last Speed relies on upon how well you perform toward the begin and amid speeding up

POWER. The greatest Power is controlled by the spear, yet the last Power relies on upon your pointing execution

[starting] On the III, II, I commencement, tap the screen right when the statement Go seems to get a Speed reward. This provides for you a superior shot of arriving at your horse’s most extreme Speed. You must tap once toward the end of the commencement, and just at the privilege minute.

[speed] Tap the screen when the cursor achieves the green zone for he best increasing speed. Tapping past the point of no return or too soon will create a much littler increasing speed. Tap as impeccably as you can on every quickening o amplify your velocity.

[aiming] Drag your finger anyplace onscreen, not so much on the spear itself, to guide the spear around the assigned target. The size o the circle demonstrate separation you are from the target. On the off chance that the target turns green right now of effect, it mean you have struck a flawless hit: Your Power score will be the greatest potential o your spear consolidated with any applicable reward. Pointing is vital, regardless of what you do. You can’t win i you don’t touch your target.


The result screen shows the individual results for each one challenge, and the Gold Coin reward you will get focused around your execution.

Impeccable Start Medal. on the off chance that you touch the screen at the privilege minute at t end of the commencement, you’ll get a Gold Coin Bonus

Rapid Medal. on the off chance that you figure out how to achieve your horse’s top Speed, you’ll get a Gold Coin reward

Impeccable Hit Medal. on the off chance that you figure out how to hit the target dead on, a Gold Coin extra is recompensed

Basic Hit. in the event that you figure out how to get each of the three decorations, each of your scores will be expanded

Base Reward. regardless of the fact that you lose the round, despite everything you’ll get a little comfort reward


Toward the begin of each round, you will be given the opportunity to use a few Gemstones to tilt the equalization to support you in one or more Contests. For each one Contest, there’s a meter demonstrating your quality contrasted and the adversary’s for every detail. The green part is yours; the red is your opponent’s. Having preference there doesn’t consequently imply that you’ll win the Contest. On account of Speed and Power, your execution is still intensely depended upon.

Illustrious SEALS.

To partake in Jousting matches, you require an illustrious welcome. The verification of the welcome’s credibility is the Seal (RED ICON). You have to use one seal every round. You’ll recover Seals over the long run, yet in the event that you’re in a rush, you can simply use a couple of gemstones to refill your bank of Seals.


Social Seals (BLUE ICONS) are a variation of Royal Seals that permits one to partake in multiplayer matces, for example, the titles .


Detail Bars. at the highest point of the Shop menu, there are 3 bars. They show your current Defense (shield symbol), Speed (stallion symbol) and Power (clench hand symbol). The bar maximums speak to the most astounding conceivable detail levels in the current League, for the most Powerful thing or things in the classification, in addition to all the conceivable redesigns.

Weight/Load Cap. Every thing has a weigh and each one Horse has a heap limit that will confine which things you can furnish alongside it. You can’t joust when you are over-burden, yet you can in any case search the Shop

Redesigning. you can overhaul the base detail of every thing a few times (the quantity of times relies on upon the League and the thing): Speed for Horses, Power for Lances, and Defense for Helms and Armor

Hold up Time. overhauling a thing requires significant investment. You won’t profit from the detail increment until it is finished, yet at any rate regardless you’ll have the capacity to utilize it. It is conceivable to avoid the hold up time with a certain measure of Gemstones

Charge. The last redesign level is transitory and endures just a couple of rounds. You’ll need to come back to the shop to charge it again to its greatest potential. At the point when the thing is at most extreme level, an image shows up beside its class in the Shop.


Customizing your image is particularly imperative for the main piece of the amusement, where it speaks to you. Amid the amusement, you will open extra formats and figures..

Formats. The design manages how the figures o the seal sick be place, and in addition the foundation design. every format has two shades to choose.

FIGURES. essential figures, distinguished on the format as 1s, will do a great deal to customize your Emblem.

Extraordinary FIGURES. optional figures, checked as 2s on formats, will likewise help to customize your Emblem, however all the more significantly, they give unique rewards to diverse activities and circumstances


Rival Knights: The Art of War


Feel the adrenaline surge of medieval jousting! Pulverize your opponents and ride your approach to grandness in the most instinctive, activity pressed and outwardly dazzling knight battle diversion on touch screens!


√ Experience the rush of quick paced and profoundly addictive jousting

√ Sharpen your abilities with accuracy timing and point

√ Take on merciless adversaries spread over 5 classes and endless occasions

√ Become champion of the domain and engraving your name into history!


√ Motion-catch activitys for knights and stallions inundate you in the battle

√ Enjoy dazzling, exact 3d illustrations and element cam edges

√ Compete in an amazing environment with changing climate conditions and time of day

√ Send adversaries flying with constant ragdoll material science and moderate movement impacts


√ Unlock in excess of 120 mounts, spears, protections, steerages and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

√ Upgrade them at the Blacksmith to pick up an edge over adversaries

√ Use brief supports cleverly to triumph

√ Customize your peak to strike dread into your opponents

Declare war!

√ Challenge different players in offbeat multiplayer mode

√ Enter week after week Pvp competitions for grandness…

√ … and win King-size prizes!

√ Recruit colleagues, structure tribes and standard the domain!

Will you ride to triumph, or fall in the battle?


Fulfilled knights are bosses of each specialty of war and can never let their gatekeeper down. In any case in this upgrade, that dominance will be put under serious scrutiny in two testing new diversion modes! You’ll likewise be dealt with to numerous new gimmicks beyond any doubt to pleasure both veteran knights and crisp squires alike.

– Crossbow Contest: Let’s perceive how unfaltering you can point your bow when your life relies on upon hitting the imprint.

– Steed Racing: Be the first over the completion line in a shoulder-to-shoulder dash through an obstruction course.

– 4 New Battlefields: The fiercest knights dependably look for new rivalry. Find four new jousting coliseums in far-flung areas, each with new music and sound impacts.

– Prestige Titles: Show the swarm who’s the most valiant knight around by winning prestigious titles as you advance in the King’s Tournament and the Championship.

– Expanded Story: Learn all the more about the companions you’ve met and rivals you’ll beat into the dust along your single-player experience.

– New Art Style: When not driving the pointy end of a spear at your midsection, the managers like to deal with their appearance. Find every one’s new look!

– Larger Crowds: See how more of your fans herd to the stadium to witness your ability as you advance in the diversion.

– Improved Graphics: Enjoy excellent new foliage in the League of the Rose and molecule impacts for a considerably more immersive jousting knowledge!

– New Boosts: When confronting the hardest rivals, each knight needs somewhat additional help. Try our Speed and Power Boosts out to leap forward


Rival Knights Review

Surely, Rival Knights [free] has an equation that welcomes doubt. It’s allowed to-play from Gameloft, an organization not precisely known for making “free” recreations. Also its a jousting diversion that uses shortsighted mechanics to play the amusement with. However its about the total of its parts and not simply the individual components: everything meets up breathtakingly in Rival Knights. 

The activity is greatly basic, occurring in three stages: tapping to get a head begin great clock goes from one to zero. At that point, attempting to stop the velocity bar when it hits green or yellow to go speedier, as rate is one of the three determinants for who will win. At long last, there’s dragging the spear around to arrangement more harm by hitting the target. These are all essential parts separately, however in the minute? They make for an extreme experience, in light of the fact that one seemingly insignificant issue happening could mean the distinction in the middle of achievement and disappointment in a nearby fight. 

Fights truly come down to measurements: players will know whether a matchup will be a laugher or a nearby one heretofore as showed by the base details of every player. Speed and force are controlled by the diversion: protective layer is essentially the “I’ve purchased preferable things over you” detail of the amusement. Furthermore beyond any doubt, speed and force are controlled by things as well, yet player execution assumes an enormous part there as well. The diversion makes benefit a showing with verifying players know that they are so near to adversaries through a five-star framework: one star is presumably a victory. Five stars? Hope to lose. 

The singleplayer movement is far reaching however maybe the uninteresting piece of the amusement: there’s many fights to experience, with forking ways and levels that allow extra remunerates, all oversaw by a vitality arrangement of seals – the wax kind, not the sea-going well evolved creature kind. The singleplayer mode will begin off as the method for getting into the diversion, as the multiplayer modes are in the “occasions” area, which is a bit of a misnomer. What’s more likely, the first occasion when they’re investigated is the point at which the singleplayer vitality is depleted. 

The occasions serve as the genuine meat of the amusement: they’re time-constrained occasions where players tackle machine controlled variants of different players, getting positioning focuses for beating them. An occasion leaderboard comprises of around a hundred or something like that players, making it really conceivable to get to the highest points of them, which is great on the grounds that there’s lucrative coins and jewels rewards for succeeding, however there’s cooperation rewards too. Actually: play an occasion a pack of times and get coins and pearls. Obviously, there’s a second vitality framework that represents this mode, so it can’t be played on a boundless premise, however the seals refill rapidly (around 5 minutes every seal, with a thing that can help their refill rate). And after that the singleplayer mode turns into an approach to sit back holding up for the multiplayer seals to recharge. 

In any case, this is an amusement that uses vitality appropriately. In the event that it were conceivable to play the diversion without points of confinement, it would get exhausting rapidly in light of the fact that the center amusement is basic and dull. The frameworks make it worth returning to over and over after some time. Also that the jousting remains so fulfilling aides as well: the amusement makes more unequivocal triumphs feel appropriately impactful. The amusement’s a remarkable looker, as well. It’s simply manufactured to be fulfilling. 

Can the diversion be appreciated for nothing? Unquestionably. The occasions mode makes an incredible showing with putting players with different adversaries. Movement absolutely is slower without purchasing pearls and/or coins, yet there’s positively a lot of amusing to be had without paying, however I cheerfully put in $4.99 for diamonds to purchase new things and get some vitality refills. 

While it is not difficult to be incredulous of allowed to-play recreations like this, particularly from an enormous distributer, Rival Knights winds up being an incredible fun diversion.